One of our core values at Sight Restoration International is to get young cataract surgeons involved while they are still in training. We know that many resident physicians are eager to use their talents to help restore sight to the needlessly blind, and we are eager to teach you how. We also know that the major roadblocks for residents taking part in overseas trips are time and money. The good news is that we have figured out how to overcome these obstacles. Our trips are short–only lasting 7 – 10 days, allowing for you to use some of your vacation time to join us. And as far as the cost–we have it covered. That’s right. We will pay for your travel expenses and lodging while you are with us.

There is a catch though. You have to apply. You will have to produce two letters of recommendation from your surgical mentors, attesting that you meet expectations for a typical pgy-4 level resident. And if your application is accepted, you will have to sign a pledge that some time within the next 10 years you will repay us by either taking part in one of our surgical trips as an attending surgeon or by sponsoring the cost of another resident. So even though we are covering your costs now, this is really an investment which we expect will pay off in the future.

If you’re not already inspired, take a look at the following pictures of residents who have traveled with us in the past (before we started calling ourselves Sight Restoration International).


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Picture 195Picture 030Spring 10 Dominican Republic 024DCP_2649

So, if you would like to get involved, contact us. Also, follow us on facebook to learn about opportunities as soon as they arise.